Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Southsea Fashion Week Day 1 - Tarot

I have been real busy lately. I now live in London and am studying Fashion further at uni BUT before i left Portsmouth, i did show a small collection of 5 things in the first ever Southsea Fashion Week which will be BIG next year and the year after, and the year after. You know what I am saying.

Basically, I wanted to show you my designs and the video of day 1 which was the Ready-to-Wear/Demi Couture day. You can link from this video to the second day, which was the Avant-Garde/Haute Couture day.

My theme was Tarot cards. Yes, Tarot. 

Not something that would be portrayed straight away, but with alllll the research and interpretation I could explain a little. Some ideas were taken and developed from the key words and meanings of the cards whereas other ideas were taken literally.
Confused? You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Ok so, from left to right the cards I used were;
Justice (first two outfits) - One of the main symbols in this card are a set of scales. This is because it revolves around balancing things such as the balance of life etc. I used this symbol and made 2 asymmetric dresses, as there are 2 sides to a scale and I liked the unbalanced side of life.

The Fool - The fool is the start of the journey in a tarot pack. All the fool cards have a symbol of a rose. I took this symbol literal and created a skirt and a bodice which represented the petals and the thorns of the rose.

The Hermit - The hermit is a reserved card, meaning solitude. Becasuse of this, i wanted the Hermit design to be full and not revealing in the slightest. (Reserved body - hiding under the clothes as the Hermit does his cape) The high neck and structured bodice and long length skirt was designed to portray this.

Finally I have The Tower card. This was my final card (in order of the Major Arcana deck). I cut out brick by brick and created a tower like skirt to represent an actual tower. This took me forever! The top of the dress is sheer and it is also backless. This is because the Tower also means exposure. I felt leaving the top half of the body exposed portrayed this well.

After being inspired by Rei Kawakubo (she does not use any colour in most of her collections) I created this from mainly faux leather and spotted mesh. Keeping is black and white was also part of my intention to show no emotion through neither of their faces or colour. I wanted the structure and hidden meaning to portray a variety of emotions personal to each viewer as Tarot cards have the same effect on people.

Enough talking about this now, I just wanted to show you and I haven't blogged in a long time!

Here is the video I promised.
(mine start at 1.46 but it is worth watching the whole thing! It is only short as they are clips)

Love Nicole xxx

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Epic Myth

I am sorry for neglecting my blog for, well let's face it, it has been months. I am just coming to the end of my college year and it is manic. In the time that I am not at college I am finding myself too lazy to take photo's of my outfits and even look at my blog. However, lately I have managed to sort that out a little!

Jeans - Thrifted
Shoes - Dr Martens
Shirt - Men's
Bag - Vintage
This is what I put together for college today. I bought these jeans in a charity shop for just £1 last year and they are slowly becoming my new favourite pair. I love how high waisted they are and they are so comfortable. Maybe a little skinnier on the legs would be good but then, I like them loose with my chunky shoes! As they are so highwaisted, I though this bandeau top would be perfect with it, but I was feeling too revealed so I added an old checkered shirt which i stole from my boyfriend, white socks, black bag and I was ready.

Oh, I must not forget to mention my new necklace i got for... 8p!! Yes, 8p brand new in a charity shop. I got a few...

Hope you all have had a good week and it feels good to be back! :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Burgundy and black

This is just a casual outfit from me as usual. My creepers, DIY denim shorts (as you can SO tell), a man's T shirt and my new jacket; It was only £1.99 and it is real suede. Absolute bargain!

It is half term next week so I will definitely get something sorted with my blog so i can really follow everyone and stay updated with your blogs!

Have a good weekend guys 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Things May Change

Nothing interesting today. I am seriously slacking on posts again. I have been trying to sort so much out, including the fact that when i click 'Follow' on your blogs, it allows me to follow, but they don't show up on my dashboard and it is telling me i only follow 13, when i actually have successfully followed at least 50!

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

This also means that when i have spare time, i can not rely on my dashboard to show me all the posts i have missed, and i miss loads out to comment. This makes me sad and not want to blog :( I would appreciate it if anyone could sort this out for me though!

Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Vintage
Bag: Primark
Here is a little music for you too.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Her Way Of Praying

They say absence only makes the heart grow fonder... have you missed me? Ha, well. I have just had too much going on to really think about or time out to blog, although I have found myself just sitting here doing nothing at times, I guess I am just making excuses?

I have just been working on my college stuff, fashion and photography. I am thinking about applying to some London colleges to study fashion further but I have until Friday (Yes, Friday!) to perfect a personal statement and apply! Who knows what will happen...

Throughout all of this, I also took the time to go an get my nose pierced (Finally). Just a plain silver stud at the moment but, as soon as it heals up, I will be going for a ring. Some of my family hate it, but they are boring. I like it. That is all that matters right?

Since my last post, we have flown past Christmas, and the New Year!! I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season! Mine was pretty average. I didn't do much on New Years Eve, and I was working lots over the Christmas period!

On a brighter note; here is an outfit post.

Thrifted Blouse
H&M Dress/skirt
Asos Tights
Vintage Bag

Here is my nose stud too!


I still can not explain my love for these shoes. I will soon be investing in a new pair and new colour. I recently wore these out and got them a bit messy, via spilled beer. I need to clean them :(

Also, this blazer is actually being sold on Ebay right now - HERE!