Thursday, 31 May 2012

Epic Myth

I am sorry for neglecting my blog for, well let's face it, it has been months. I am just coming to the end of my college year and it is manic. In the time that I am not at college I am finding myself too lazy to take photo's of my outfits and even look at my blog. However, lately I have managed to sort that out a little!

Jeans - Thrifted
Shoes - Dr Martens
Shirt - Men's
Bag - Vintage
This is what I put together for college today. I bought these jeans in a charity shop for just £1 last year and they are slowly becoming my new favourite pair. I love how high waisted they are and they are so comfortable. Maybe a little skinnier on the legs would be good but then, I like them loose with my chunky shoes! As they are so highwaisted, I though this bandeau top would be perfect with it, but I was feeling too revealed so I added an old checkered shirt which i stole from my boyfriend, white socks, black bag and I was ready.

Oh, I must not forget to mention my new necklace i got for... 8p!! Yes, 8p brand new in a charity shop. I got a few...

Hope you all have had a good week and it feels good to be back! :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE this grunge esque look. The cropped top is oh so perfect with these pants.

  2. Hey!!! You and Harriet haven't updated in like...ages! But I get what you're saying. Life's a bitch at times. Whatever. This looks is awesome! You really look amazing, but jeez, I could never pull this off. I would feel uncomfortable. I'm jealous of you for looking so gorgeous in it! :) And the checkered shirt is like the cherry on top! :* Hope you'll update more often! Byeee!!

  3. You look so cool in those high-waisted jeans. This outfit definitely has a nice 90's grunge feel to it. It must be the checkered shirt and doc martins!