Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Black Rooster

I packed 3 bags filled with a variety of garments, shoes and accessories and headed down to Albert Road - which is a very good and local place for bars, food, vintage and charity shops. My friend lives there.She is currently studying Photography at Portsmouth University and she is very, very talented.
Sometimes, I help her out so she can build up her portfolio, and it also gives me a collection of interesting images to blog than what I usually have!

I finally got to her house and I settled my belongings down then started to rummage. She knew what she had in mind for the shoot but I wasn't sure, so I took as many different things with me as possible to ensure she got what she wanted. After all, this is her work.

After dismissing the heels, we finally settled on a casual outfit. It consisted of my black Dr. Martens, suspender style tights, a plain striped vest and a fringed jacket. Pretty basic, but I guess the dramatic element (for me) was the wig. We tried many different ones. One was long, red and curly, one was short and black, and there was even a green one! 

However, this was it. This was the one she wanted to use. I looked stupid at first. I felt stupid. I have had black hair before, but it has been years since i have seen it this colour! However, after the make up was applied, the look was coming together and I was getting used to it.

I still don't think I could return to this colour though.

We headed down the road and found a wide alley, leading to a small shop. It was perfect. I was (sort of) out of the way from everybody seeing me and, from a photographers point of view, the lighting was good!

I was very, very uncomfortable doing this down such a busy street. People were staring and making comments as they were passing by, but i just had to get on with it!

I did enjoy doing this, and my friend was pleased with the outcome, but I will definitely say that 'modelling' isn't my thing, but it was an enjoyable experience for a normal person like me!

I will put the link to her website on here as soon as she finishes it so you can all check out her amazing work!

I hope i didn't bore you too much!



  1. I think the black is more fitting on you than the blonde. I LOVE your "shitty bangs" (that's what I call that type). Super cool photos.


  2. cannot get over how gorgeous you look here, the photos are amazing too!!

  3. Wow amazing pics hun, stunning. You so pull off the black wig! I get so embarrassed every time I do an outfit post so I avoid doing pics in crowded places. Wish I was more confident but hey!

    Have a lovely Christmas sweetie pie xxx

  4. Well, i think you look lovely with black hair! Cute outfit also, your friend is very talented :)

  5. You already know how much I love this!! You look so amazing, I am so jealous (in a good way). She is very talented also! :D xx

  6. The wig looks fabulous on you!! I love that color especially with your eye makeup. Fabulous finge too!

  7. Beautiful photography!
    You look amazing + that outfit is wonderful <3
    Following you :)


  8. amazing photos, you look gorge! xx

  9. I think it looks fab, the dark hair really suits you. Strangely I just noticed the fact that your resemble Claire Danes, even if she's a blonde I never noticed it with your blond hair! :D

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  11. Wow!! Black looks so sexy and stunning. My wardrobe is almost full with black shirts and t-shirts. My girlfriend's closet is full with black boho dresses, tops, jeans and what not. We both love black.