Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Rip It Up and Start Again

Hey :) I have been a little bit busy lately (again). I have a fairly big deadline for Friday and i am far from finishing it. In fact, I should be doing it now but...
This isn't really much of a post, i just picked this jacket up the other day as i thought it was quite cool. Originally, it was going to be for mine and Harriet's eBay shop but its weirdness has slowly grown on me.

I apologise for the quality and darkness of these, the day was horrible!

It is actually made in Guatemala or something like that, so it is Mexican/Carribean?

I just went for a comfortable outfit and teamed it with my Dr Martens, leather trousers and a tee.

Since my last post, i managed to get myself down to The Wedgewood Rooms (our local music venue) to see a band called The Heartbreaks who were actually supporting The Ordinary Boys this night. Aswell as playing some of their old stuff, they also played a couple of new songs which were very impressive! You should definitely check them out.

Thanks for all my new followers too, you are all so lovely and i really appreciate everything you have to say!



  1. I love your pants and DM's! Perfect for watching concerts and good luck with beating the deadline. :)

  2. What an awesome jacket, it's sooo colourful!!! It looks great with those pants, so wonderful

  3. I quite enjoy the colorful jacket with those cool pants! Good luck getting your school work done!

  4. What a pretty outfit! I LOVE the jacket! It couldn't have been made in a more suitable place than Guatemala! All these colors are simple perfect and it makes the whole look so much more interesting! I'm in love with the pants as well :) You look amazin!

  5. Love he jacket you've put with this outfit!
    Emma xxx

  6. rrrrrrRIP it up and start again!

    I love that jacket, but i am sad that the hat is missing :(

    you still look awesome xx

  7. love the jacket!!

  8. Those pants are amazing with that top! I love your blog name!

  9. That jacket is remarkable:)