Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Black Rooster

I packed 3 bags filled with a variety of garments, shoes and accessories and headed down to Albert Road - which is a very good and local place for bars, food, vintage and charity shops. My friend lives there.She is currently studying Photography at Portsmouth University and she is very, very talented.
Sometimes, I help her out so she can build up her portfolio, and it also gives me a collection of interesting images to blog than what I usually have!

I finally got to her house and I settled my belongings down then started to rummage. She knew what she had in mind for the shoot but I wasn't sure, so I took as many different things with me as possible to ensure she got what she wanted. After all, this is her work.

After dismissing the heels, we finally settled on a casual outfit. It consisted of my black Dr. Martens, suspender style tights, a plain striped vest and a fringed jacket. Pretty basic, but I guess the dramatic element (for me) was the wig. We tried many different ones. One was long, red and curly, one was short and black, and there was even a green one! 

However, this was it. This was the one she wanted to use. I looked stupid at first. I felt stupid. I have had black hair before, but it has been years since i have seen it this colour! However, after the make up was applied, the look was coming together and I was getting used to it.

I still don't think I could return to this colour though.

We headed down the road and found a wide alley, leading to a small shop. It was perfect. I was (sort of) out of the way from everybody seeing me and, from a photographers point of view, the lighting was good!

I was very, very uncomfortable doing this down such a busy street. People were staring and making comments as they were passing by, but i just had to get on with it!

I did enjoy doing this, and my friend was pleased with the outcome, but I will definitely say that 'modelling' isn't my thing, but it was an enjoyable experience for a normal person like me!

I will put the link to her website on here as soon as she finishes it so you can all check out her amazing work!

I hope i didn't bore you too much!


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Rip It Up and Start Again

Hey :) I have been a little bit busy lately (again). I have a fairly big deadline for Friday and i am far from finishing it. In fact, I should be doing it now but...
This isn't really much of a post, i just picked this jacket up the other day as i thought it was quite cool. Originally, it was going to be for mine and Harriet's eBay shop but its weirdness has slowly grown on me.

I apologise for the quality and darkness of these, the day was horrible!

It is actually made in Guatemala or something like that, so it is Mexican/Carribean?

I just went for a comfortable outfit and teamed it with my Dr Martens, leather trousers and a tee.

Since my last post, i managed to get myself down to The Wedgewood Rooms (our local music venue) to see a band called The Heartbreaks who were actually supporting The Ordinary Boys this night. Aswell as playing some of their old stuff, they also played a couple of new songs which were very impressive! You should definitely check them out.

Thanks for all my new followers too, you are all so lovely and i really appreciate everything you have to say!