Tuesday, 5 March 2013


 Skirt & Socks: Topshop - Jumper & Boots: H&M - Bag: Charity shop - Collar Clips & Necklace: Primark - Under Shirt - Dahlia

3 months into the new year and I have decided I will begin to blog again! I have still been reading other people's blogs and being inspired and sulking that I don't bother anymore so I thought, instead of moping around, i should begin!

Today was GORGEOUS weather. I was warm enough in my jumper that I had to stash my jacket away in my rucksack, it makes me so excited for the spring. Who else is excited to finally ditch the gloves and scarfs?
 It was my birthday 5 days ago and this skirt I got as a gift from my friend. Usually i would pair it with black as it's simple and easy and very "me" but i went for this warm and comfortable pink mixed jumper (which i got for £5 in the sale) because the sun influenced me to ditch the black for a day! It won't last long though.

On my shopping trip today i came across this amazing denim jacket in one of my favourite stores in Brick Lane - Blitz - and it was only £9 (they give out 10% coupons in the street too). I am not usually a fan of "band denim jackets" but I LOVE Led Zeppelin and it was such a bargain!

What did you all do today on the so called "hottest day of the year, so far"?



  1. Welcome back, Nicole!
    Love the look, the boots are really cool! :)

  2. Below are pictures of some of the Long Sleeve Lace Dresses that I have made within the past year.

  3. Yay!! I'm so glad you're back to blogging. I absolutely love your skirt here. It looks perfect paired with the pink sweater. I think your style is so cool all around and I can't wait to see more posts here!

  4. Love this. The
    necklace is gorgeous. Visiting from the link up. Would love it if you popped by and said hi.

  5. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach